Muslin cloths

Recommendations on where to find some nice soft muslin cloths? They all seem to be really stiff?
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I ordered mine on amazon and they are lovely and soft. Sometimes you can pick them up in baby shops the ones I got were 3 for £5 but there’s been no shrinking in them and they are still super soft from when I brought them back in early 2022 for my little girl. Sometimes when it is to hot I will use these instead of blanket because she’s blanket obsessed so it’s a good alternative 😂 x

I got some gorgeous soft ones from tiny alpaca on Etsy. Really cute too

I got some gorgeous ones from Etta loves, but they’re 💸! I got big ones from sainsburys that stayed nice and soft, and some cheap ones from Amazon that were nice too. Lots of my other ones from other places felt ‘starchy’ after a few washes.

Nutmeg ones I’ve got are really nice and soft. Expensive but ziggle are also good and you can get swaddle size ones (I never used as a swaddle) but my LB loved to use it as a comforter on me as he fell asleep (removed before putting him down)

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