Not sure what to call this post... insensitive husband!!

So am now 38 weeks pregnant and last week I was sat chatting to my husband when out of the blue he told me that while he was on a trip and waiting for his train, he started checking out all the women at the train station and comparing them to me. He said good news you came in the top 3 out the 100 I saw... I was so hurt by what he said but to him I should have been happy with that... he openly told his heavily pregnant wife that he saw 2 women prettier than her and I was meant to be happy. What would you guys have done.
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I'd have said ' shame they're not having your child the. Isn't it. Although with your genes maybe they'll be 99/100 🤣🙈 I'm a prick when hurt. I retaliate so badly. I bite my nose off to spite my face. On a different note. He clearly feels comfortable talking to you about it. I'd be pleased I was top 3. Pregnant or not he is allowed to find other women attractive. Maybe not tell you but he's being honest x

Wow. What a stupid thing to say to his pregnant wife. Dummy. I hope he apologized. If it’s story time, remember the other men you slept with before him? I think your hubby also ended up in the top 3 best dick you ever had. Ok don’t really say this of course, but what an insensitive thing to say to a spouse. I hope this isn’t normal convo for him. Let him know how his hurtful comments made you feel. He needs to be aware

If my hubby said this to me whilst I was pregnant then he would be sleeping in the garage and I wouldn’t of spoke to him until he realised how insensitive it was to say it! Like I could understand it as a joke but when heavily pregnant it’s not a nice thing to hear because of hormones and emotions running high as it is when all you need is as much support as possible at this point X

Wow, I would struggle with hearing that! Is that typical conversation for your relationship? Like your husband talking about checking out other women?

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