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Hi everyone, so last year at my smear they found HPV. I then fell pregnant and was due another smear in May to which I didn’t book as I was pregnant and assumed they couldn’t carry one out? I’m now 4 weeks PP and they booked me in for next Tuesday (the receptionist had no idea) am I allowed to get one this soon after birth? Anyone else had similar situation?
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Hey! I was told you can have one 8 weeks PP. I’m way overdue one too, so have one booked at the 8 week mark ☺️

@Alexis oh really? Did you have an abnormal smear before pregnancy too? I’m going to call the doctors again tomorrow and push it back!

I thought it was 12 weeks

I’m in the exact same boat, was fuming when I found out you can have one in the first trimester. I was told I had to wait 12 weeks

@Lily I didn’t know you could have one when pregnant either! I’ll call my doctor again tomorrow and get the receptionist to check

I've been told it's 12 weeks PP by the nurse - something to do with your cervix being too soft to have one any sooner.

@Chelsie yes! Can have one in the first trimester and if it’s serious enough you can have one in second or third. I was meant to have a follow up smear in November 2022 after having pre cancerous cells removed but I fell pregnant and I asked my midwife if I could have a smear during my booking appointment and she said no!

I'm in a similar position, was supposed to have my smear done in January due to HPV but had to miss it. My midwife said I have to wait 6 months after birth to book my next smear test x

I was told 12 weeks. I’ve never had a smear and they’re desperate for me to have one due to the bleeding in my pregnancy

🥴🥴🥴 So many mixed messages! I have my 6 week check Friday so would double check with the GP then

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