Rolling? Turning?

My little one just likes to lie still on her mat and kick her legs but I see all the other babies in groups moving around and grabbing toys at the sides and I’m so nervous. She’s 5 months.
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Mines 5 months this weekend and has only just started to look at toys placed to the side of her head this week 😂 think we are a long way off rolling she just isn’t fussed! X

Mine doesn't roll side to side either and just moves her head around. I think there was a poll the other day asking how many May babies were rolling and I think last I saw it said around 30% weren't rolling either way just yet. So try not to worry :)

Mine won’t roll side to side :-(

My little lady is not a fan of tummy time at all, but will roll from side to side & grab things. She's also quite happy to just lay on her back, like a potato. I guess they'll do these things when they're good & ready. My little lady is nearly 5 months

Yes!!! Potato is the best phrase. She’ll hold items if put in front but other than that she doesn’t move from side to side (well her head not her body) and just wants to lie still! But she likes tummy time! I’m getting nervous comparing to other babies though….

Mine is the same. She is a total potato :) I assume it will just happen with time.

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