Has anyone had to take aspirin during their pregnancy? Did it help with the size of the baby? Did you have any adverse reactions? My first baby was on the smaller side, 6lb8, she was suspected to have the growth restriction thing but was fine, usually they try and deliver early for GR babies apparently and she was born 42 weeks. This time they're saying that they're worried I'll have a GR again and have a small baby so I'm probably going to have to take a double dose of aspirin a day from 16 weeks I think it was. Bit worried tbh, Baba been fine, she was and still is on the smaller side but so are me and my partner. She's a clever very forward little girl, hit all her milestones early, can say quite a lot and was walking at 11 months. So it didn't cause any mental/learning difficulties as far as we can tell. She has no medical issues either.
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Thank you ladies ☺️ Makes me feel a little better about taking it

I took the low dose aspirin & blood pressure meds, had other risk factors as well. LO came in at 5lbs 14oz & was induced at 37wks. He had some iugr towards the last 1-2 months of my pregnancy. He's ahead on most milestones & has had good growth between check-ups. My ped said that when they have iugr it can take about 6 months for them to start catching up to their peers on growth, but as long as they are showing steady growth between check-ups, they aren't concerned.

@Katie mine weighed 9lbs 5oz - she was born a couple of days earlier than her estimated due date but I was induced and ended up in csection lol x

I was induced on my due date, he weighed 7lbs 13oz.

I took aspirin to prevent preeclampsia and for better placenta . Little buddy came small, but not iugr or cm. Just small for gestational age ( I was 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant 😳, he weighed in at 5 pounds 8 ounces at birth 🥰)

@Tara @Sarah How much did your little one weigh? Were they born early? I don't know why I'm so anxious about it, the MW explained why and that it's safe and I've read that it's safe and can actually help prevent them being still born and like you both said, helps with preeclampsia, blood pressure etc. So it doesn't sound bad, I just feel a bit weird/uncomfortable about it, it isn't sitting right with me.

I took aspirin due to low hormones, my little one is fine and I had no reactions

I took aspirin to reduce pre-eclampsia/ high blood pressure etc, my little one is absolutely fine! X

I had to take aspirin during my pregnancy along with progesterone & blood thinners I had no adverse reactions my daughter was 6lbs5oz

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