I am fuming! For weeks now my MIL has been overbearing making comments on what I should be doing with my baby, she has been going on for weeks now making comments that I should be feeding my 5 month baby solids because she fed both her kids solids at 3 months. She had a problem with me EBF as she wanted me to express because she wanted to feed my baby, the list goes on. She has been going behind my back and tells my husband what I should be doing and he slyly suggests things but I know she gets in his head,. So today she asked me again when I will be starting my baby on solids I said a few weeks as she can’t sit up yet and there’s no rush as she’s a healthy baby and she gets well fed on breast milk. She starts playing with my baby and makes comments to her saying ‘mommy doesn’t give you food’ which pissed me off and then my husband comes home and the first thing he said ‘we should start her on food now’ in front of her this has her written all over it. Me and my husband have discussions to my face he agrees with me and then he speaks to her and she gets in to his head. I am so fed up and annoyed as hes such a mommy’s boy and whatever she says is right in his eyes, I don’t feel appreciated or supported by him and I’m so overwhelmed right now that this actually made me so upset.
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Weaning session facilitator here…stick to your damn guns!!! You are absolutely right. She is going off outdated advice and the old ‘it never did you any harm’…we never used to strap kids in car seats at one point in history but would we do it again? Hell no! We know better now!

It’s ridiculous that he can’t think for himself, apparently everything I read is incorrect and his mommy is right lol absolutely no way I am listening to her advice

Tell him next time he's thinking about it to have a little Google and find out why we don't feed babies that can't sit up then come back once he's got some knowledge his mummy didn't give him! God I'm raging for you haha doesn't take much these days 🫠

It absolutely pisses me off I spoke to him about it and apparently he’s been thinking about it himself for a few days which is funny because when she mentions something he suggests it and says he thought of it!

I’d tell your husband directly (and in front of her) that you’ll let him know when your baby and you are ready to wean. She doesn’t need to feed your baby. Argh! God it’s so annoying. Sorry you’re experiencing this. I had this but not as obvious as your situation.

Honestly, I'd go off on her. She had her chance to raise her children, and she raised one that couldn't think for himself

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