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Has anyone tried returning any baby gifts without a receipt at stores like Target or Walmart? We got tons of diapers, which is SO nice, but my kids have sensitive skin and things like Pampers and Huggies give them a rash. I took some to Target today to return for store credit because online it said you could do that, but the girl at the returns desk made a HUGE deal out of it and acted like I was doing something wrong. I totally understand they have to have measures in place to prevent fraud, but she was just super rude about it. Just wondering what anyone else’s experience has been with returning things without a receipt!
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Walmart.. give you a Walmart giftcard and it was no biggie. Wasn’t even sure if the stuff was bought there haha but I got 125 bucks back which I used on other stuff

@allison I haven’t tried to return anything that didn’t have the tag but I think the answer is probably no. They have to be able to scan the barcode on the item to return it and without the tag they wouldn’t have the barcode

Can you return without tags too? I received gifts with the tag removed already…

I haven’t returned any diapers (yet) but I returned a little over $200 worth of gifts to Walmart (no receipt) that were either duplicates or just things we didn’t need and got a gift card which we used on other items we still needed. I just scanned the items with the Walmart app to make sure they were from there before I hauled it all inside and only 1 thing was not able to be returned as it was an online only item!

Target took back diapers but I was told there’s an annual limit of $70 when you return stuff without a receipt Which is fine it’s almost the end of the year and I don’t anticipate any more returns. I have not tried Walmart

This is so helpful! I’ve been wondering the same thing. I got so many 0-3 month old baby clothes with tags and random stuffed animals and blankets that I definitely won’t use. Anyone do this at Marshall’s or TJMaxx?

@Yessenia Rodríguez great, thank you so much!

@Yessenia Rodríguez is that limit for each store or all stores combined? Like if I go to Walmart and they scan my ID, will they somehow see that I’ve returned $100 worth of stuff to Target already? I’m a rule follower and don’t want to get in trouble or get my ID flagged or anything 😅

@Mackenzie Hoffman oh that’s great! Was there a limit on how much you could return? The girl at Target scanned my ID and said I could only do $100 a year.

I did! Walmart didn’t give us any issues. They even offered cash back or a gift card which surprised me since we didn’t have a receipt.

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