Holiday suggestions please

We are thinking of going away next year, my son will be 2 and a half and we will have a baby around 6 months old. We’re open to different types of holidays but don’t want to be in the pool/ sun everyday. Any destinations you guys would recommend?
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Greece, mainland and an island or 2 or Croatia and Montenegro was amazing. Very family friendly.

@Binal I would stay in Marrakech, there is enough to do in the city to not need to travel to other locations.

@Kathryn where abouts in Morocco did you go and was it easy to get out and about with the kids?

@Cal not sure just yet on budget but will look into both places. Thanks

Morocco - one of our favourite family holidays, so much to see and a really interesting culture. I’ve not been but Canada is also a bucket list for me!

Budget? Costa Rica? The Netherlands is meant to be great for kids, same re Italy too. x

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