3 days ago

Rant -best friend

So from me telling her I was pregnant my best friend was so excited, went through it all with me, being the only friend I really had she was appreciated so much. She decorated my house to welcome me and baby home and of course met her the day we were home, she then all of a sudden went really weird and since then has seen us once. My baby girl is now just short of 3 months and we’ve still only seen her twice within the first two weeks and not since. I just don’t know what I’ve done and feel really lost not having a friend to turn to. I’ve tried speaking to her and despite her saying she didn’t feel herself for abit but apologised and said she’s try more etc still hasn’t made any more effort and always seems to be me trying to plan things or speak to her to either be let down or ignored. I think I’m more upset at the fact she doesn’t seem bothered about my little girl despite how excited she seemed, yet is always posting and seeing her other friends and their baby’s.
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2 days ago

That's rubbish, I'm so sorry she's not there for you. Have you reached out and invited her round?xx

3 days ago

@Genna when I asked she said she felt like we needed space because that’s what she wanted when she had her baby, I explained that wasn’t the case and we’d benefit better having her around for some normality (she only lives 2 streets down so we usually see each other regularly). She apologised and said it was miscommunication and we would sort something. This was over a month ago still not seen her and constantly see her posting her other friends babies, makes me feel like my girls being left out already xx

3 days ago

This sounds really rubbish 😕 I'm in a similar position (although my "best friend" hasn't even met the little guy yet and has only messaged once asking how things are). Is there something else going on for her? When I finally asked my friend about it, it turned out they were about to make a big move and had a lot going on themselves, so it was less about me and more about her. Still feels shitty

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