Birth control

I recently came off the pill while waiting for some tests and since I've stopped my sex drive has come back, I'm abit reluctant to go back on to birth control because of it but we really don't want another baby, what is every else on if anything and does it affect your sex drive? Thaaaanks.
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Hormonal contraception has the same affect on me - I came off it, and instead have been going for a natural cycles type approach and/or condoms. I’ll never go back on the pill that’s for sure!

I'm still on the pill due to extensive bleeding (fibroids) even though I'm sterilised. Stopped my periods and sex drive x

I was on mini pill (progesterone only) had huge sex drive until I got sterilised. Now I have zero sex drive like can have a dick waggling in my face and I'd be like ' that's nice' x

Also was on the progesterone only pill, it killed my sex drive, also had terrible mood swings. I've told my husband I'm not taking anymore drugs after this pregnancy, we'll just have to try condoms x

Coil is the best. On it for 2 years. No hormonal changes and hasn't impacted sex life at all.

I had the progesterone only pill and had zero sex drive 😅 I've now switched to rigdevidon and its gradually coming back 😅

I had an implant for 3 years and it did affect it. Now I have an IUS and it came back so much so that if I didn't have that birth control we would be having the 3rd kit. 🙈😂

I was on the depo and didn't have sex once. It completely killed my sex drive, I wouldn't recommend

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