Toddler keeps hitting and scratching me

I really need some help. Whenever my little one is upset and crying he will resort to hitting and scratching me. I try to calm him as best as I can and explain that hands are not for hitting and to be gentle instead but he continues. He will only stop when I’m so pushed and burst out crying. I try and keep my cool most of the time but when he’s scratching my face it’s very hard to and sometimes i end up shouting at him. I really don’t know what to do and why he is hitting and scratching in the first place. This generally happens when i try to get him dressed which he does not want to do. Please help
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My son HATES getting dressed and can hit and bite because he's so frustrated that weve taken him away to do something he doesnt want to do. We've started to make it into a game, doing funny voices and singing silly songs during it as toddlers learn through play. It does make it easier and I'm more relaxed which helps him aswell.

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