Diaper changes-at a loss

I don’t know what to do anymore I’m gonna lose my shit trying to change my sons diaper. We’ve always done the method of giving him a toy or something while changing his diaper and it almost always works but even when doesn’t it’s not usually impossible to change the diaper. Now the last few days he is either screaming/crying or giggling while twisting his body all over the place/kicking his legs, and it has literally become impossible to not get poop somewhere and to keep him even calm enough to properly wipe. It took me 6 minutes of wrestling with him and a lot of repositioning AFTER wiping just trying to get the clean diaper on. I’m worried he is going to hurt himself by all the twisting and trying to crawl away. He’s super strong too so I don’t feel like I can contain him without potentially hurting him on accident by being too firm. It’s easier when trying to get a pull up on but still pretty difficult.
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@Alex YES! Or when wiping/ sucking out boogies!

My son was the same mama I honestly HATED CHANGING HIM. My fiancé always had to help out and I STRUGGLED EVERYTIME WHEN HE WASNT THERE TO HELP😭🥲 safe to say my boy is 15months and THANKFULLY Is over this stage🤞🏼🙌🏼 hoping the same for you mama🙏🏼

My baby did this for about 2 months. She would scream and cry like she was being tortured every diaper change I gave her. With my husband she would just lay there and be so calm. She would sometimes be distracted by toys but other times nothing would console her. Then about a week and a half ago it stopped. Nothing changed but it was like a total shift where she no longer cared. She laughs with me and babbles while I change her and barely turns. So maybe this is just a phase? Like a really long and hard one but something that will pass

I tickle my son to make him laugh and it works most the time

I give my phone with a video playing and guided access on so she can’t do anything with the controls. I’ve heard people suggesting switching to pull up diapers and doing standing changes.

Oh my god !! I’m going through this right now too !!!!

Are you changing him on a changing table or the floor? I noticed when we used the floor that she rolls everywhere, but the changing table she doesn’t so much. I also give her a book each time and she stays content most of the time. lol

I have started taking dirty diapers off in the tub while it's still empty, wiping him while he stands and then giving him a quick bath after his bottom is pretty clean.

We play music! My LO loves music with a good beat so we play reggae and she goes from screaming and twisting to smiling and bopping her head side to side 😆

Put down a changing pad or towel? Use 360 diapers? Swaddle his arms while you hold his legs. Give him a phone, a tablet, a fidget item. Something can always be worked out. Then too, maybe he's ready for early potty training.

My son does the same, I usually try to give him something to keep him distracted.

Girl my son is the same, it’s the worst. One thing that helps is changing him on the floor and putting my leg over his chest while I change him so he can’t get away.

Have you tried standing him up to change him ? My daughters not got to this stage yet x

A new thing we had to try was placing a dot of lotion on his hand and teaching him to rub his hands together and rub it on his arms or face. I reapply the lotion on his hand several times during the diaper change but he's been staying still more recently than handing him an object. A bonus is that during bedtime he helps out with rubbing lotion on himself (but now he also thinks yogurt is lotion and rubs that everywhere)

Oh I used to nanny a big boy that did this too! I used this method of sometimes I would use my feet to hold his arms down while I change his diaper. His mom thought it was hilarious and he never got hurt! https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZPR78Hjsb/

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