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Mamas, how long did it take for your babies eyes to fully change? I feel like my babies are taking forever and if they are gonna stay this gorgeous color, I am here for it lol.
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Our sons has had blue grey eyes. I have a green blue hazel eye and my husband has brown. However my whole dad's side of the family have blue eyes so I hope he keeps them as they remind me of my late grandma.

I’ve heard it can take up to 6 years 😩 I have blue/green eyes and husband has brown. My sons eyes I swear change based on his mood! They go from blue to green to hazel depending on if he’s hungry, tired, happy, or irritated 😂

My 3 year old's eyes still aren't settled. They change between blue and green and seem to be leaning more and more green but definitely aren't done changing yet. Most babies' eyes are their permanent color by a year old, but it's also not uncommon for it to take several years. My 6 month old was born with gray eyes but they turned blue sometime around 2 months and I haven't noticed any more change since then

my baby is six months and hers are still blue and my husbands are brown and mine are green. my mom said mine were still blue at six months, not sure when they did change though

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