Hi all, I have my daughter (8m15d) on 2 naps we typically wake late between 8 and 9. Her last nap runs until 6 pm. And then off to sleep between 9-9:30pm. Is 6 pm to late for her last nap to end? We still focus on 3 hours of day time sleep.
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My babe was waking more frequently at night a week ago so I cut her day time sleep to 2.5 hrs. Worked for us. She now only wakes once for some cuddles then back to sleep til I wake her in the morning.

General recommendation is asleep between 7-8pm so last nap ends no later than 5pm and wake up is around 7am. Of course that doesn't work for everyone's schedule so do what works for you

@Chrissy She has had a few days of struggle but I think it’s a regression and also we just got back from a 2 week vacay. Just wondering what is the general recommendation.

Is it working for your baby or are you struggling to get her to bed? Because what works best for your baby and my baby will be different based on their sleep needs.

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