Head banging in cot

My LO moves around so much in his cot but it always seems to be shuffling up, until he bumps his head, then he'll sleep there which is ok BUT every time he stirs through the night he tries to shuffle up again and bangs his head, sometimes he cries, sometimes he just keeps trying and keeps bumping... is there anything I can do to stop it?
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@Emma-J have you got rid of the cot completely then? Or will you go back to using a cot again at some point? We use our travel cot as a little play pen at the moment but I wonder if we need to think about changing over

@Emma-J same 😂😂😂

My daughter does this all the time and she’s constantly crying from banging her head on the sides. We have a travel cot with a proper mattress which we used when we were away and noticed that because it has mesh sides she doesn’t hurt herself so now she’s in it permanently. Hope this helps ☺️

I don’t know if you can stop it but my boy does the same and when I go to bed I very carefully move him back down the cot so at least he doesn’t wake me 1 hour after I’ve gone to bed banging his head.

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