Stretch marks yet?

When I came out the shower I noticed I’ve got stretch marks starting to appear on my boobs which I’ve never had before. I have white stretch marks on my hips from previous weight gain but they are faded and I don’t really notice them anymore. However I’m getting new red ones starting to appear on belly and hips too. At 23 weeks I didn’t think I’d get them so soon and I’m a bit worried about how bad it’s gonna get. It sounds like such a trivial thing but it has made me feel sad. I feel like my bump is so big that I could tell you I was due in a few weeks and you’d believe it 😳
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Bio oil is good for helping stretch marks. I have had stretch marks on my boobs, hips and thighs for years so it don’t bother me so much. But none on the belly so far. I have been putting a palmers stretch marks cream on my belly every night and it seems to be helping x

Yes I noticed few on my hips 🙈 I guess there is nothing to do about them. I’m 23 weeks too but I don’t even look that big

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