Pelvic/Groin Pain

Does anyone know how I can get any relief from from pelvic/groin pain…I can barely walk I’m so hunched over/tense from the discomfort. Right side of my groin feels like I’ve pulled it and my whole pelvic region and lower back is sooo sore. I have stretched and been on my ball for over an hour🫠🙃
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I got a support band, which actually helped when I am walking to hold bump up so less pressure in that area x

Thanks ladies, will try anything so got hubby about to massage me and will sort seeing someone!😂 xxx

@Katie I had been going to mine since before pregnancy. I'm in the US though so it might be different 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have the same!! For the people who have been to chiropractor, did you pay yourself or get referred from midwife?

I went to a chiropractor to save me! Even just one appointment will give you so much relief. Then the usual advice of warm baths, stretching morning and night. Avoid standing on one leg so sit down to put pants on and stuff. Where trainers not flat shoes. Take pain killers. I never even knew this was a thing until I got it. Its the worst pain! X

I second a chiropractor x

You can ask your midwife to be referred to physio, they share a lot of useful info I've found using my pregnancy pillow helped a lot too

The only way I've been able to function this whole time was thanks to my chiropractor. He was able to get my round ligaments to release and keeps my hips aligned.

I go to a chiropractor and it’s magic!! Xx

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