I back work fri after time off but bit worried im 6 weeks and my job is workin in warehouse were have lift bed and alsorts i just worried it hurt baby x
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@Katie think i myt have 2 give him push i have to use a truck as pick heavy load have pick 1000 boxes a day its harf work just worried that all alot bending pickin ect thank u xx

@Abbey no I completely understand! I could quite happily do my job but I was scared about the chemicals and fumes I was breathing in from the workers around me so I made sure myself and baby was safe through my pregnancy but meant giving my employer a little push x

@Katie thank u im not sayin i cant do cause pregnant just worried as i had a scare already dnt want put my baby in any problems xx

You have lots of rights being a pregnant worker in the uk and if you tell your employer you don’t think comfortable or safe in you current job they have to try find alternative work. You employer has to do a risk assessment of you job which includes heavy lifting so they should move you away fro that anyway Have a read of this and contact them if needs be. There really helpful! I contacted them when I was in a similar situation to you

I have to pick up to 20.2kg but my manager says im aloud but im still unsure x

@Kathryn I know! It amazes me how so many women have such healthy babies in environments we wouldn’t deem safe in the UK! Just goes to show how lucky we are!

Tell your boss. I worked in a factory full of dangerous things and had to tell them at 5 weeks pregnant and was moved immediately as there is laws on it x

Ideally not lifting more than 10kg we were advised by our clinic Can you do it in smaller chunks? However In lots of other countries lots of women work manual labour and long days and out in the fields etc etc and they have happy healthy babies

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