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So what’s everyone’s day to day routine with babies. What do you do to entertain them all day etc??
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I try be quite strict with routine. He wakes up usually around 8am and then naps between 12-1ish, we usually usually stay in the house till after his nap (which I’m working on for us to go out earlier but it just doesn’t work for us) so we have breakfast and plenty playtime and with some cartoons (for for that full time) after his nap, he gets soemthing to eat and we try go out and see family, go to the park, soft play, shopping etc. if I’m out I try get home for 7 to start settling him for bed time, starts at 7 so changed, supper, playtime, milk. I’m working on doing a more practical, fun, physically things and getting out more but also weather dependent which hasn’t been good recently. But he can happily play with his toys for hours so I don’t think he even gets that bored. Welcome to new fun suggestions. We already have started going to baby classes once a week, but not enjoying the particular one we’re at

Similar to Scarlett! We do park in the morning, home for a nap. Then Mondays we have music class, Tuesdays messy play and Wednesdays swimming all afternoon classes. Weekends I let my oldest decide what we do if he doesn't have plans (he's almost 14) if he has plans I'll just nip to see my parents, take him for a walk or soft play. Something my oldest wouldn't mind missing xx

I work 3 days a week. On my days off in the morning we go to two different play groups. Back home for nap time then in the afternoon we would go for a walk to the park. Go see a friend. Go to the shops. Weekend days tend to be a bit slower. Playtime in the morning at home then park before nap time. A lot depends on the weather.

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