Hair loss

I seem to be loosing a lot of hair, clumps of it. My hair got thicker with my little boy, so shocked to see how much is falling out. Possibly due to breastfeeding? Anyone else? X
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Every mama will go through one or more of these after having a baby, you will loose hair, their nails won't be as healthy, skin can get dry or oily. But it's nothing to worry about, you should be taking vitamins after having your baby. And this helps with all of the above, I started loosing a lot of hair when my girl was 6 months old. And that's because I'd stopped taking my vitamins, I started taking them again and my hair hardly falls out now🤍

It's normal. Your hair gets thicker while pregnant because your hormones stop your normal shedding (which you don't really notice) and then after birth your hormones settle back down and all the hair that should have fallen out starts to fall out about 3 months pp, on top of the normal shedding. It can last about a year but its nothing to worry about. I freaked out when it started for me because I was washing my hair in the shower and came away with hairy monkey hands 😂😂 it was coming out in clumps. That was 3 months ago and its starting to improve a bit now. I don't really think you can do much about it apart from hoover a lot 😂🩷

Oh that’s good to know. I did t breastfeed my little boy so was shocked to see so much hair fall out this time,especially as I don’t have much to spare 🫠 x

My hairdresser said my hair would potentially fall out whilst breastfeeding. I only had small amounts fall out but I stopped breast feeding after around 8 weeks. She said it's completely normal and nothing to worry about ♥️

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