Parent/child parking

More of a rant really! It’s taking all of my will power to not lose my s*** at some of the inconsiderate individuals who park in parent and child when they don’t need it! It means I’m struggling with my 3 year old and 3 month old. I know I shouldn’t let it get to me but it really is a roulette every time I just want to park 😩😩😩
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I have this issue all the time when I nipped to Morrisons. The other day I watched some 60 yr old ish chap walk to his car, then proceed to leave the trolley in the empty p&c space next to him and sit in his car drinking his monster and eating! I always try to be open minded about people’s circumstances but in this instance there was no blue badge displayed and there was also plenty of blue badge spaces available should he have needed. So frustrating!

true that x

@Ellie I can understand disabled people parking in parent parking but I feel like it should be pregnant and young child parking or something! X

@Amber yeah thats also infuriating it should be monitored just as disabled parking is

@Ellie or they have older children and park in there 🙄

Yep was in tescos martlesham was completely full. People use it when they do have a child seat in the car but no actual child with them!! or just middle aged men drives me wild I've decided I'm going to start calling them out on it from now on

This really winds me up! I was at lidl the other day with my little boy and someone took the last child spot when I parked in a normal spot and struggled getting my 4 month old out a youngster who was younger than me got out of his car. I asked where his imaginary child was as I could only see another guy in his car and he started shouting at me saying his dad was disabled! I told him to park in a disabled spot with a badge in future! When I got back to my car him and his dad were hurling abuse at me and sticking their fingers up! It's so frustrating!

I agree! I went to Asda today and watched 2 separate men in 2 seperate cars on their own park up using the family spaces and walk in. I gave them a good glare. It's terrible!

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