Nature made prenatal vitamins 🤮

I’m currently 8 weeks pregnant and I was fine taking my vitamins everyday until today my sense of smell is way out of this world right now I wish I had a stuffy nose but the smell of these vitamins I want to DIE! I kept gagging smells like fish oil which I didn’t smell previously but I know I have to take the vitamins.
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Hahah yes I’m taking these too! I had to hold my nose to take them for a little while. Taking them at bedtime definitely helps, but I have missed a few here and there cuz I couldn’t handle it 😂 Maybe look into some Vick’s vapor rub if other smells are making you gag. I would sniff the jar when I was about to toss my 🍪

I started taking mine at night but I found i liked the smarty pants ones the best. They taste delicious I didn’t notice a smell like with others and they were easy on my belly. Best news was they had really high marks from a mommy blog I found that ranked prenatals based on quality and amount of the vitamins in them.

Try Ritual. Their prenatals have a nice lemon smell/flavor! So much better than most!

If you do switch and choose a gummy- make sure you are also getting enough iron. A lot of prenatal gummies don’t have iron!! I take the NatureMade and haven’t had an issue yet. They have the best amounts of vitamins. Plus my doctor has on additional iron.

Do you have the ones with folic acid? I always used a different one and bought those by mistake they are horrible 🤢

Yea I’ve been taking mine before bed and that helped. But also maybe switch to a tasty gummy one

If your doctor is okay with it, you can switch to a different brand. I found them so gross I switched to these. It wasn’t about my stomach I just couldn’t do the taste. Whatever works for you!

Thank you ! I’ve been taking them in the morning so I will now be taking it at night

Omg I couldn’t stomach them before I had nausea. I switched. I now take the Olly prenatal softgels - 2 right before bed and they are SO much better

If your not taking them before bed I suggest you do so. They make you feel sick so it’s best to take them at night when you’ll be sleeping!

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