Hair dye

I had my ob appointment today and forgot to ask if I can dye my hair. I’m currently 34 weeks, would anyone know if it’s safe to? Thank you :)
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My doctor says it's completely safe!

I had my hair done all through my pregnancy and have a happy and healthy 11 month old 🙂 I agree with being careful with fumes, but you should be ok 🤍

hi i’m an licensed cosmetologist and also currently pregnant, it is completely safe after your first trimester. Only reason it isn’t safe that first trimester is bcs of the harsh smells, if you’re still worried I recommend using a face mask while starting and during the process.

I’d wait to ask your OB or give them a call…

Yes you can 🙌🏻

Are hair dyes or treatment chemicals safe during pregnancy? Although it is quite limited, more studies indicate the chemicals present in both semi-permanent and permanent dyes are not highly toxic and are safe to use during pregnancy.

I think you can the danger is when you have like 1-4 months is what I know

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