Anyone been on a UK holiday since having baby??

I requested a cot but I’m panicking they won’t give one. I’ve also seen about mattress’ not being given too… also, if there is only a shower in the accommodation what are you doing? I don’t mind a sink bath but not sure my 14lb and very tall baby will fit! If anyone has any tips as well for not breaking routine for baby let me know
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We slept our baby in the carry cot of her pram.. as long as it has a mattress instead of a thin insert it's safe to do so. We also took a little baby bath with us. Have a lovely holiday 😊 xx

We have a sleep safe bassinet for our pram so baby will sleep in that when we go to my parents. I've had a shower with baby before and it went well, so if there's no bath that's what we would do

We went away in the camper van she slept in the carry cot and I had a shower and once I was done my husband passed her to me i turned the shower to warm stood back washed her with a wash cloth then showered her down it’s not ideal but it works. Enjoy x

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