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Any recommendations for things to be packed in hospital bag, I just don’t want to forget anything and make sure I have everything for baby girl coming🤍
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A peri bottle is a must

Long chargers like these

Snacks! And maternity pads. Disposable underwear is another good shout. And I took a dark coloured, breastfeeding friendly nightie as well (buttoned down the front). Oh, and headphones in case you want to watch stuff on your phone at night 🙃 x

More vests and sleepers than you think you need. My little one swallowed mucus during delivery and was sick on her clothes a lot and I didn’t have enough. My partner had to get more! Also I would really recommend something like spritz for bits or which hazel pads if you’re having a vaginal delivery. I used spritz for bits and it was honestly a life saver! It offered so much relief after birth! Pregnancy pillow or something for comfort when sleeping too! I was in hospital for a lot longer than planned and I didn’t sleep for the first few nights until my partner brought my pillow xx

Lip balm!!

A few footless zip outfits for baby, blankets/receiving blankets for baby, fan for you, they keep the room really warm for the baby and I was melting, I brought my giant pregnancy pillow and my own blanket it was the best thing I included in my bag, some sleep dresses for you that button in the front, super long charger cord, nipple butter and small shampoo conditioner and body wash, lotion for you the hospital is so dry

Vests & sleepsuits for baby, a rechargeable handheld fan for you, comfy dark clothes, pull-up Tena Lady pants (trust me, a lifesaver!) and the best thing I packed was my fluffy blanket from home (was so comforting when I was in hospital in the evenings without my husband) 💖

Stroller fan!

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