Throwing up or diarrhea

I just want to ask you mommies how many of you are throwing up and how many are spending your day in the bathroom with diarrhea? I feel like when I’m nauseous and think I’m about to throw up I go to the bathroom instead which I feel I’m lucky to have that symptom but I’m wondering if anyone else is like me.
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I had a lot of diarrhea in like weeks 5-6. Took lots of electrolytes to get back in balance. I typically am more nauseas when I’m backed up, but pooping makes me gag due to the smell/sight. It makes no sense. I usually take a freshly laundered hand towel with me to sniff during 😅 Week 8 was hard on me too - that’s probably the most I threw up this whole time *knock on wood* Hope you get to feeling better soon! 💕

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