I literally do everything for our baby. My partner does absolutely nothing - no night feeds, no feeds, no purées, he doesn’t wash bottles, he doesn’t sterilise bottles, he doesn’t clean the house, he doesn’t cook, he doesn’t put the baby to sleep or even look after him without me. I don’t get a single lay in meanwhile he’s on holiday from work and all he does is lay in bed. His excuse is that our son won’t take a bottle from him, or won’t eat for him or will misbehave and only want me. Although when other people want to try and feed the baby he takes the purée or he naps with his godmother so surely my partner is the issue? Is this happening to anyone else?
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This is happening to me as well. I get all the excuses under the sun why my partner can't look after our daughter. I look like I'm homeless running around, cleaning, cooking, breast feeding and trying to do everything and my partner does nothing unless prompted x

Yep... with the exception of cooking n he does play with the lo and feeds but 1nce in a blue moon. I'm shattered but it's best to try get a routine and whatever you don't do..don't feel bad...try finish it up the next day.... I've been trying to clean up since 2022 🤣

My husband cooks changes cat litter changes nappies and looks after our daughter sometimes but doesn't help much with our daughter as she's breastfed

Tell him to go put his big boy pant on and man the fuck up!!! To take responsibility for his child and get off his arse!!!

@Francesca well said!! Aw, poor dad, baby misbehaves for him ect why doesn't he try being a parent and quick!! Otherwise I'd say see ya fucking later mate and kick him out

This was me year ago, then I packed my shit, my babies stuff and left. I can definitely say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

No. I wouldn’t tolerate this. He has same responsibilities as a father, just as you have as a mother.

Some "men" honestly! It's like they need telling to do everything, like can't you open your eyes, look around and use your common sense to do something instead of waiting to be told, or asking. Yes! You should cook some dinner, don't ask me what, just cook the f*&^%£ng dinner so we can eat. Sometimes, I think us woman are better off without men like that. They cause more harm than good, in my opinion, and it's exhausting.

Well I thought this special talent of putting all the burden on the woman is just a blessing to Asian men, I was wrong looks like a universal blessing!

Motherhood is hard 'men cant cope with life' but i have to wake up every morning be a human cow find time to eat find time to sleep then hubby comes home and asks have you gone out today? Because hes lost his bank card and needs mine to use. Its so frustrating how we have to be the responsible one maybe i want to sit at home and have a bottle of wine.

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