How long do you leave your baby to sleep?

Don’t get me wrong my baby (4weeks+ 5days old) doesn’t often sleep for 4 hours, but when he does I want to leave him to sleep and let him wake me when he’s ready to feed but everything online says to wake a baby to feed every 3-4 hours? What’s everyone else doing at night??
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We’re just feeding on demand (my little boy is bottle feeding). In the day he feeds more often and tends to take less each feed. The longest stretch at night we’ve had is 4-5hours but this doesn’t happen often, it’s usually every 3hours. He’s 4 weeks and 4 days xxx

You really don't have to wake them for a feed every 3-4 hours once they're back to their birth weight and have good nappies. I've been feeding my bubs on demand since week 1 and he sleeps for 4-5-6 hours at night. I never wake him.

I stopped waking her up once she passed her birth weight. There’s lots of different advice but when I was waking her she was too sleepy to take the full bottle. She normally wakes after 5 hours during the night anyway but sometimes does 6/7 and I let her now and she’s been fine. She still has the recommended amount of formula in 24 hours as she doesn’t sleep as long in the day and it’s been working great for us!xx

Every parent i know advised me not to wake a sleeping baby, they said to embrace it. As long as theyre over their birth weight and theyre gaining weight, let them sleep as they're growing 🥰 i used to set alarms for every 4 hours but now i just let him sleep and feed when he wakes for it x

Amazing thank you so much I think I’ll get rid of my alarms now!! ❤️

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