Flu shot!

I was offered my flu shot at my 33wk appt. And just said I wasn’t sure yet! Opinions?
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Haven't with all 3. I don't get the flu shots in regular life though either. The body likes to go through these things I feel, to have a clean up. And in my opinion, it's a neccesary part of building our immune systems up 👍 x

No xx

I never get the flu shot and didn’t while pregnant either.

i think it’s a good idea because you can’t take meds pregnant if you get sick

when i was pregnant i got my flu shot at like 23 weeks or something i can’t remember but it was early !

I had mine when I was pregnant as flu can affect pregnant women badly, plus I hate being unwell at the best of times and when you’re pregnant and can’t take flu medication… UGH!

I've just had a flu and covid jab this afternoon at 37 weeks. I figure I'd rather not be ill when I'm this pregnant, fevers are dangerous for the baby, and it'll give them protection when they come out too :) They did say I'd probably feel a bit rubbish tonight, but worth it I think x

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