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So I’m 34+4 now had another scan today due to high anti-d antibodies and blood flow to his brain. I have to have another on Friday and Tuesday. I’m freaking out because they have told me basically the safest way to get this baby out will be c-section. I’ve had such a good pregnancy, worked longer than my first. The thought of a c-section freaks me out, I don’t want anything put in my spine and have said to my partner that if I ever have to have a c-section I want to be put under general but he seems to think there will be more risk with that and doesn’t want me to do it. It’s my body though, has anyone been put under general with a c-section?
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@Jo I’m definitely going to ask and be very vocal about how anxious I am. I think they are going to book me in for the 6th October if everything is ok before. I had antibodies with my first, but it was not like this at all. Thank you for your help x

Ask to speak to an anaesthetist about it. Fear of spinal is really common and they can usually help!

Thank you girls, I honestly don’t know what to do, I don’t want to put my baby at risk anymore but I can’t get over my fear x

Generals are usually avoided because the post op recovery is more painful and slower, the operation itself can be more difficult and you are more likely to bleed heavily. You also cannot have your partner present, the drugs cross the placenta so baby will usually need more resuscitation at delivery and the bonding tends to be a lot slower. That being said, if you really don't want a spinal anaesthetic, they will do it under general. Next time you're in, ask to speak to an anaesthetist about your options. Xx

If you have general your partner won't be with you, you won't get skin to skin and you'll have to stay in hospital longer for recovery. It's slightly more dangerous for baby too I think as the drugs can make them drowsy so they may need help breathing for a little bit, whereas an epidural doesn't. They tend to avoid generals for C-Sections unless deemed necessary. I always said if I needed a C-section I'd want to go under, I don't want an epidural!

I think under general your partner will not be able to be with you for the C-section. My sister in law just had a C-section and the epidural actually wasn't bad. Hopefully it would help, good luck

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