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My daughters feeding schedule is all over the place. I have so my anxiety about the fact I’m not sure if I’m under or over feeding by baby😢 How often are your baby’s feeding? How much are they taking? How old are they? How much do they weigh?
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My girl is different every feed, every day, some times she will drink a full 150ml in a sitting and then want next feed about 3hrs later other times she will just drink 60ml and then want more about 90 minutes later. She seems to be extra hungry during the evening and then falls asleep around 9/9.30pm and wakes up around 4/4.30am and has 150ml and falls back asleep. Today so far she has had 150ml at 4.30 and another 150ml at 8.30. She is 7 weeks old and being weighed today when the health visitor comes for her check

My baby is 8 weeks, not sure how much she weighs, but she’s taking 120-150ml every 2-3 hours, 4 at a push& but at night she’ll sleep though and will go 5-8 hours without a feed xx

If you have a look at the side of your formula tin it should give you a guide for how much they should be having at what age and over how many feeds a day. If it doesn't let me know and I'll take a photo of mine for you! Maybe for your peace of mind you could set alarms for every 4 hours or so to give her a feed so you know she's taking enough. I wouldn't wake her through the night though, enjoy that sleep! You're definitely not doing anything wrong though so please don't beat yourself up! All babies are different, my daughter won't drink anywhere near 6oz just now, but she just drinks less at a time but more often. You just need to figure out what works for your baby and go with that. It sounds like she's thriving though if she's gaining a good amount of weight.

@Laura I’ve been waiting for her to let us know when she wanted the next bottle but it got to 5.5 hours and not a peep out of her so I’ve just given her 6oz but unsure when to give her the next one, and I feel awful mum guilt just incase I’m doing this wrong😢x

@Laura my daughter is also 8 weeks she was weighed she is 10lbs 15oz, she’s always slept throughout the night since she was born. She has been drinking 5oz every 4.5 to 5 hours but after finishing the 5oz she wanted more so we’ve upped her to 6oz but I’m really unsure on how long to leave it between as she isn’t much of a crier so don’t really cry for a bottle x

My 8 week old takes 4oz (formula) every 3.5 to 4 hours, including through the night. Occasionally she'll take 5oz. She was 9lbs 9oz at our most recent HV visit last week. I go by baby, feeding on demand rather than trying to schedule feeds. If baby is hungry she'll tell you and if she's full she'll refuse any more! As long as she's gaining weight and you're getting plenty of wet and dirty nappies I wouldn't worry. Easier said than done though, I know.

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