Girl or boy?

Does this look like anyone’s private gender pics at all? I got told girl, then I got told boy and now I’m unsure. Is it swollen girl bits or a penis, help? 🫠
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I would say boy personally x

I’m 17+5 currently and have an anterior placenta too. Did my gender scan at 16+2 (they said from the dimensions I was actually 15+5) but they still managed to find out the gender. So it’s definitely odd of them to do that. Not nice being all confused :( I’m guessing you’ll find out for definite at your 20 week scan in a couple of weeks x

@Amy I’m 17+6 I’m just wondering why he would say girl and then change? 🫠 it was soo hard to get any images of baby

How many weeks was this at?

But I will definitely say boy on your scan picture x

I have an anterior placenta and this was actually the 5th time scanning me on 2 different occasions! He was 90% sure it was a girl and put ‘it’s a girl’ on the screen and then suddenly said boy. Now I don’t believe I have the right gender at all!

I’d say boy x

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