Hair loss

Any other mums still experiencing post partum hair loss?! From what I have read online it should have stopped by now. My little bald spots at the front I had are now regrowing but the amount of hair I still lose in shower and brushing is insane! My hair is so thin now
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I’ve recently started loosing significant amount of hair and my baby is 1.5yrs. Im hoping it’s relating to weaning? As have basically stopped breastfeeding. I’ve lost so much hair, bald spots and so thin.

Agreed I feel like mine has come back too! Feel like I’m losing so much in the shower at the moment!!

I'm in the same boat,I'm losing alot of hair and my hair is very thin now .I used to have alot of volume,not anymore. I don't see any bald patches though . My daughter will soon be 14 months

Yes! Had it about 3 months post partum and it eventually stopped and now it’s just started again!

I think so, I had a big loss at 3m pp, my fringe got soo thin, can't say I noticed any bald spots but I didn't look, was too scared, I have thin hair anyway. I thought it stopped as my fringe started growing back, I have short whispy bits but recently it seems like they're either not growing very fast as they're still only about 2-3in (after a year) or they're still falling out. I googled it and hair should grow about 6in a year. It's definitely not 6in! I still lose a lot of hair when brushing etc. I thought it could be that I got used to not losing any during preg and just forgot what what's natural to lose a day but I'm not sure now.

Yes I still am and my little one is 13 & half months and still got hair loss and it taking time to grow back I’ve got regrowing but it’s taking forever to grow back x

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