Hi all, has anyone had covid and given it to their little ones or even had covid and not given to their little ones. What do you do. I became unwell couple days ago and today tested positive my little one is 6months and she has been very clingy lately today she's had a bit of a temperature and breathing bit heavier we have contacted professionals and waiting call back for little one.
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Just getting over it at my house. Our Dr. said that luckily kids don't get it as bad typically as adults do, that as long as LO didn't become lethargic or start having difficulty breathing he would be fine. We gave tylenol for the fussiness when we could tell he wasn't feeling good & continued to BF so he was getting my antibodies throughout, especially since I've had other strains previously.

My whole house caught covid including my father who was told he was pretty much garraunteed to die if he caught it. Me and my father had some hot toddys and we all rested and were fine in a few days. Most important thing for any illness is rest.

My SO had it when it first came out and neither myself nor my daughter caught it. We didn't know because it hadn't been announced yet but realized that's what it was. I caught it in 2021 and no one else in the family did. SO got it again and the kids never got it. We were able to quarantine from each other either. Strong immune systems and our diets played a major role and still do when it comes to illness, or lack of. My SO eats a bit different than myself and the littles and he had much worse symptoms than I did.

We had it when my daughter was one, (she's 3 now) and she was fussy and had a runny nose, for a few days. I had a high fever and the worst sore throat ever, it was awful. My fiance had mainly cold like symptoms, but he did lose his sense of taste for a week or so. I definitely had it the worst. My daughter actually had the mildest case, very grateful for that. That's how it is even when we all get colds too, I get it the worst and my daughter gets it the mildest.

Yeah my 6 month old daughter just had it. She felt miserable with a stuffy nose, fever and really couldn't breathe very well

I tested positive on the Tuesday night and 5 week old baby tested positive on the Thursday. She had minimal symptoms and tested positive for 11 days but was OK. We just kept an extra close eye on her. Health visitors reccomended that only 1 parent did the child care for her

My husband and I just had it last week and our 4 month old didn't get any symptoms and was totally fine

When my kids were 22 months and 5 months, we all had covid. The baby had it the easiest. He just had a minor cough and a low fever. I felt like I had a nasty flu. My toddler had a high fever and couldn't stay asleep long for days

Before vaccines were available, my spouse got sick with COVID, but neither my child or I were symptomatic

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