Baby only falls asleep with boob!

My little girl is 18 weeks and EBF. She only falls asleep if she has boob. Night time and day time. I've tried to give her a dummy, she just spits it out. My partner has tried to get her to sleep but it just doesn't work unless she has boob. She will sometimes fall asleep with him if she's in the carrier but only in the day time. In the day she only contact naps and mainly will nap whilst on my boob and in the night I cosleep with her and feed her when she wakes (usually 2/3 times a night) I don't want to be giving her boob forever and looking to hopefully stop breastfeeding at 6 months... Are there any tips on how to wean her off my boob? Even it she has a bottle of Breastmilk, she will still not fall asleep unless she has boob 😂🤷
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My baby is 14 weeks, and I'm in the exact same boat. I want to get him to start sleeping in the bassinet but I feel like it's a lost cause. I feel defeated lol.

My 6 months old baby also falls asleep with boobs always but during day naps I give her pacifier and rocking her to sleep but I am okay with it whenever she falls asleep I will put her to her crib or bassinet.

Mine were the exact same. Didn’t want dummies. Loved the carrier, co slept and breastfed every couple of hours. Having them close and the power of breast milk to help them sleep is amazing but my god can it be exhausting. Have you tried feeding and then placing down so they are a little awake, then shh sounds Stroke their tummy firmly Disassociate the direct feeding to sleep Honestly..I just went with it and tried to enjoy it as the phase it was, until I decided I was ready to stop. Get others to help in any other ways they can. I fed on demand, swayed/walked/cuddled to sleep, then when I finally stopped feeding she then slept through. With my second at 8 months I decided to help teach her she didn’t need anything to fall asleep. Followed wake windows and tired cues, used white noise and just put her down and re-visit every few minutes if distressed. She’s teething and going through a regression atm where I’m feeding her more again but I feel so much better to have better sleep

What dummies have you tried? My EBF baby will only take a specific one that is made of natural rubber (she won’t touch the silicone ones and we tried about 8 different ones -nuby, mam, etc). It has a longer teat and is softer material as it’s rubber so more like the nipple. I started by putting a little breast milk on it and giving it to her when she was snuggled close to my breast. The dummies are called “Frigg” - I really recommend them!

@Jessica glad to know I'm not alone 😂 she still feeds for agessss as well... Especially in the night time. Is your little one the same?

No advice sorry! Just want to say I'm in the exact same position with my 16 week old. I could have written that post. He's all boob! Interested as to what people suggest.

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