Balloon induction

Hi ladies, so I’m being induced tomorrow due to having gestational diabetes and being on insulin. I have just had a call from the labour ward asking me to go in for 2pm. I’m not sure if I’ve miss heard or just not understood the midwife but she told me When I arrive at the hospital they will try to break my waters and if they are able to I’ll be allowed home, but if not they will use the balloon method and I will have to stay in. Does this seem right to anyone? Or have I miss understood the midwife. I don’t know if should ring back to double check with it being late, but I’m now so much more anxious as I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow x
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I have to add I have been under the impression for 2 weeks that I would be allowed home after my balloon induction. My community midwife also told me I would be able too x

That's right. Any form of induction requires you to be admitted for monitoring x

@Erin I didn’t think I would be allowed home if I had my waters broken though, as I thought it was risk of infection x

I'm being induced tomorrow too but have been told we can't leave, I don't have GD, we're 37 weeks & have a small baby & failing placenta, maybe it depends on the reason for induction if you can go home for a while x

@Laura I wouldn't have thought so either but it may depend on your trust. Some give 12-24 hours once waters have gone to see if contractions start. If not they would ask you to go back in xx

I’m getting the balloon tomorrow but have to stay in but only because of how far we live from the hospital but normally they let you home if it’s not hormonal induction but could be different with GD x

Thank you everyone! It’s the not knowing that I hate and get so anxious over. I’m going to ring my midwife in the morning and see what advice she can give x

I am having a balloon induction week Sunday due to gestational diabetes and other health issues. I will not be allowed home x

I went in Friday to have the balloon, they told me I would have gone home if they had fitted it. Unfortunately my cervix was shut and they couldn't so they started on pessaries instead, which has meant I've been in since Friday. I'm being induced due to GM and insulin too xx

I had the balloon induction 2 yrs ago and stayed in hospital and truthfully I enjoyed it, I was waited on hand and foot & enjoyed just relaxing & watching tv until the next day 😂 x

I’ve just been induced and as baby seems to be doing really well and my blood sugars are under control they are sending me home until tomorrow where I will go back into have balloon removed and hopefully my waters broke x

Just had the balloon put in a hour ago but we're staying in 😅x

@Rebecca good luck!x

@Emma thank you, they’ve said the same to me! I’ve just had my first contraction though, I’m timing it until my next! I’m really hoping things are starting to progress. Good luck with everything! X

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