Is this a step before crawling?

He keeps doing this and is so incredibly frustrated, does this mean he's trying to figure out how to crawl? What can I do to help him?
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Yup!! Our boy is a crawling fiend at this point! He totally did this. The next step you’ll see is likely the crouching of the back legs and the front totally down. Basically practicing getting their legs underneath them. :) then the lift up of the front ! :)

@kali it causes air bubbles when the baby sucks on it can cause gas or cramps.

@May🤍 why can’t they have a bottle while it’s empty ?

Yes!! My daughter is doing the exact same thing, I like to put her teether in front of her or anything I know she likes at the moment. The advice I’ve received from my family is to put something in front of the baby to motivate them to crawl towards it. A toy or an empty bottle (of course don’t let him get the bottle while it’s empty) but anything to motivate him to crawl towards the object is the best way to get him to crawl.

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