At my induction, about 3.5 hours in, was 3cm 2.5 hours ago and have an epidural right now. Progressing fairly quickly, went from 1-3 cm the first hour and a half! So excited to meet baby. He’s doing well with the induction too, :)
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@Elisha I think it depends on if you get an epidural, With my first I was induced medically at 36, with foley bulb and pitocin and breaking my water, I was at 8/10 pain for me until 10 hours in and got epidural and she was born 4 hours later. With this one because I was already dilated to 1-2 cm, we started right off with pitocin (39 + 3) and i had a higher dose of it than last time, so it got painful more quickly. I decided to get an epidural because I didn’t want to get caught off guard with a sudden increase in pain, and it’s worked great. I would say induction isn’t anymore painful than normal labor starting, I’ve had contractions on and off since 37 weeks and it felt the same to me.

Congrats! Is the induction process painful? I'm being induced in the AM and am at the hospital now

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