Little update 🫶💖

Saturday night I was having what I thought was Braxton hicks, fell asleep till about 1130 went to the hospital around 1230 and 535 am Michael was born 🥰 7 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches 🥰🫶
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@Ashley oh you're perfectly fine it gradually got worse! I got the epidural at 5 cm I don't know if you plan on pain meds, but helped me so much!!

@Shelly Mind me asking did the pain get worse or did it stay uncomfortable? Just curious. I'm hopeful I will go into labor naturally before Saturday! I'm being induced Saturday if she doesn't come on her own.

@Ashley thank you so much and honestly I had so much vaginal pressure and my hips were hurting so bad I couldn't stand it anymore. Took Tylenol and laid down it woke me back up and I was fully expecting to be told Braxton hicks but about 3 mins into checking in she said "this is your delivery room" I was like huh😭🤣

Congratulations!!!! How did you tell the contractions were real and decided to go to the hospital?

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