So I have my 20 weeks scan in two days and I had a private scan at 14w and 6 days, very early to find out I know but I got excited!🫣someone I know recently got told on her 20 week she was having a girl when a private scan at 15 weeks told her boy! I got told I was having a girl but now I’m worried I did the scan too early and it could be wrong! What does everyone guess based on the private scan?💕💙
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I found out at 14 weeks that I was having a girl .. I was so worried it wasn’t .. 20 week app confirmed it 💗

I reckon it is a girl 🩷

I think it’s more common to be told boy early then a girl later than the other way

We did our gender test when we did NIPT at 13 weeks. 99% accurate. We liked to be prepared, but absolutely 100% ok if you have nerves of steel and want a special surprise on the big day!

I was told I was having a boy all the way up to 24 weeks and then one day they told me it was actually a girl so I wouldn’t worry to much about your scan being wrong it can happen even for those of us who waited

Is better to wait, less worries and questions.

@Lauren I’ve brought so much pink which is why I’m so worried🤣xx

This is my fear too, I had my gender scan at 16 weeks 2days and been told girl, but still haven’t brought any pink just incase 🤣 xx

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