Sex after birth

How long did everyone leave it until they had sex after giving birth I’m curious…
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Still not bothered with it 14 weeks on. 😂

5 weeks pp... I was really in the mood lol

We waited a couple mobths and after 1 try yea nope i didnt let him touch me for a couple more months

1st time about 6 weeks ish and 2nd time (different father) about 9 months 🙈🙈😆😆

12 weeks

5-6 months postpartum.

4 weeks

6 weeks with first 8 weeks with second

1 and half week, I knew the risks of it , and probably wouldn’t risk again but I was completely fine, just a little pain. Please go by DR advise of 6 weeks though it’s very hypocritical of me to say

3 weeks after a cesarean x

6weeks. It was very tender so we took it very slow and I did most of the work at my own pace until it started feeling differently 😚

5 weeks 6 days pp

7 weeks. I waited for the okay from my doctor and 1 week to make sure my birth control was dependable.

Months! I couldn’t think of anything worse after tearing and stitches

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