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How the hell do I deal w the fact that my one years olds separation anxiety is so bad the only one he will accept comfort from is me and I'm about to have a nervous breakdown I can't do shit w out him wanted to be help I need help
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My daughter does not ever leave my sight if she knows I’m around. She wants me to cuddle her and play with her all the time! However, if I’m not around she does just fine with her dad, her grandparents, and nanny (same one for 8 months now so she knows her well). She might cry for 2 minutes when I leave but as soon as she realizes there’s no bringing me back, she starts playing and having fun. So my advice is to just leave! Your LO will be fine. Go out and have some alone time!

@Victoria thank you so much I had a mom message me saying I was a bad parent for being upset. We did bath time and he went down for a nap after, now he's relaxing. Thank you for the help

You’re NOT a bad mama for feeling overwhelmed, touched out, stressed, wanting/needing help, etc. That mom who told you that had her head up her ass because i guarantee we’ve all felt like this at least once. It’s hard being mom, or being the primary parent. I work full time and take care of my baby full time and if i said it wasn’t too much for me at times, or i didn’t want to rip my hair out sometimes, i’d be lying. You’re doing amazing❤️

Mines like this I can’t do anything around the house and I’m a full time mom. He screams if I’m in the bathroom. He is slowly getting better but I wait until he is in a good mood before doing anything or distracted. I clean and do everything during his nap or when he’s sleeping at night. I don’t bother to clean during the day because he just makes a mess and it’s not worth the stress.

Mine is clingy right now too but she’ll de fine when I’m not around or she can’t hear or see me Sometimes my husband will give her one of my shirts that smell like me while he’s getting her to relax, it helps a little But your non a bad mom for feeling the way you feel My little girl was up 4 times in 3 hours last night and the last time it took 45 minutes to get her to stop crying and go back to sleep And all I wanted was for her to just be quiet and go to sleep, shoot one point I started crying while holding he because I was just exhausted It’s overwhelming sometimes and feeling these emotions are not wrong it’s apart of life as a mom

Yes mine son was like that but he's slowly getting better I just tell him I will be back and kiss him on his forehead for reassurance and tell him I'll be here and I recommend put thim somewhere they can be safe if you leave your child or baby Show them as well to be more socializing with people that helps too

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