Work & unwell

I'm nearly 20 weeks and I've been so unwell been off work loads which makes me feel so guilty but I have GD and this pregnancy hasn't been easy. Anyone else?
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I was worried to as i was taking a lot of time of work, but I spoke to HR and any pregnancy related illness shouldn’t go against you on your sickness record because pregnancy is a condition x

I was for nearly 4 months at the stsrt of my pregnancy. And now have atleast one day off a week due to sickness. It can’t be helped, I try everyday… if it gets bad I go home! Me and baby comes first at the end of the day! ❤️

I have had to take time off as my job is quite dangerous I’ve had 2 weeks off and I’m now taking another 4 weeks off. I work on an advance dementia ward and there is nothing I can do to make my job easier. So I’ve discussed with management and they understand I’ll be taking early maternity also

Apart from spd with my first i worked all the way through. Didn't have any time off. This time I'm sure I've been off more than I've been there 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

Thanks Nicole! I hope you feel better soon. This is my second with my first I worked and done loads of overtime 😂 this time it's been brutal. I'm glad I'm not alone

I've been off a fair bit due to low blood pressure. It can't be helped so try not to feel bad. It is what it is

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