Formula for sensitive tummies

Hi , My girls are 10 weeks old and seem to always have some tummy issues! At the moment they are on cow and gate ready to feed. We’ve tried both the powdered version of cow and gate and also aptamil but this caused them horrendous pain and crying! We’re now finding the c&g ready to feed is causing trapped wind etc (and is also so expensive! ) wondered if anyone had any other formulas that are gentle on the tummy they could recommend!
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8 week old LG has a sensitive tummy. She was on Kendamil from birth which did not suit her. We switched to HIPP at around week 4 and so far is working really well for her. All the screaming and squirming is over!

@Ellis Holding it really is! Feel totally helpless! Oh really we were thinking of switching to HIPP but good to know!

@Amber @Casey we’ve been to the drs/hospital about it but the girls don’t really have any of the other symptoms ( I guess luckily in that respect!) just been told it’s their digestive systems maturing and to wait it out 😔

Have you looked into cmpa symptoms?

my little one is the same , she goes all stiff & bends backwards when her tummy is sore. she cries & screams it’s absolutely awful. we are currently using HIPP but thinking of switching 😕 x

My son is on long term antibiotics for his kidney condition and it causes such a sensitive stomach he really struggles, I decided to call the HV and a feeding specialist called us and he's now been passed on to a dietician, it's such a relief, I would really recommended calling up. At the moment he's on SMA Lacto Free, it's a much stickier formuka and he seems to be a lot better than he was on normal cows milk formula. I've seen other mums mention comfort milks but as my son seems to react terribly to cows milk formula I've never tried my son on them. Have you looked into a CMPA? X

We were recommended goat milk formula as it is lower in lactulose and some sort of protein that thry can be sensitive to. Our 11 week old girl was prescribes Aptamil pepti 1 but that made her reflux awful, I wouldn’t say she’s pain free but slightly leas screaming x

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