5 days ago

Shaking episodes

Iv been to the doctors today and they are writing a letter to the hospital but I have no idea what’s going off! My LG has had a shaking moment once a week for the past 3 weeks now I thought the first time was a strange one off (7 seconds)then it happened again (5 seconds)and I spoke with the HV she told me of it happens again to contact doctor Sunday afternoon well having a bottle and drifting to sleep I could feel her heart beating a little quick but she had been really fussy waiting for bottle to be made as she was drinking it and going to sleep her whole body shook for 7 seconds wasn’t a fit or jurking just shook I tried to record it but wasn’t quick enough and then she stopped like nothing happened and shortly after had a nap Doctor told me if it lasts longer or she goes blue pale to rush to the hospital(I know this) The shaking is like when we have a shiver nothing to think she’s having an epileptic fit no eye rolling or sharp movements I have no idea what’s going off she’s a happy heathy baby just these little shaking episodes
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4 days ago

My son had been having shaking episodes too! Spent the day in hospital yesterday and he has been diagnosed with infant shudder syndrome! Completely benign and they grow out of it so hopefully the same for you!

5 days ago

My son has seizures if you want to message me privately I can share some advice and possibly some videos of his to see if they're the same

5 days ago

My little one has done this a few times always when feeding (I exclusively breastfeed). I googled it and it came up with Sandifer syndrome which is caused by acid reflux. My little one is on Gaviscon for reflux so I do think it's probably that. I asked the health visitor about it but they didn't know what I was talking about and didn't think it was anything to be concerned about...

5 days ago

My baby did that for the first time the other day, tbh, I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was just because she was falling asleep - I did Google and it said it’s just the nervous system but I’ll defo be keeping an eye out! x

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