How can I up my supply?

My little one is formula and breast milk fed, so I slacked off for a few days a week or two ago because I was so tired (he’s a month old I’m new at this) and now I’m only getting an oz or two out of each breast when I pump. I feel like I have failed him. He likes the breast milk more and I know it’s better for him. How can I get myself to produce more?? I’ve tried pumping more and it’s helped because I was basically drying up when I realized I screwed up. So I got myself from a few drops to an oz or so. Can someone help me please. I tried to talk to the lactation consultant but she would only help me in person and I don’t have a car right now.
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@Taylor so i had the SAME issue, my supply dropped because i wasn’t eating due to no appetite. i ate a lot of granola bars, body armor, water and maybe you can try to add fenugreek supplements with every “meal” it helps with production ❤️ you got this

Stay super hydrated, look into Fenugreek Tea or supplements - meant to support increased production

Oatmeal! It’s made me produce so much! And coconut water! and maybe a power pump?

Try oatmeal, coconut oil, more water intake and lactation snack all of these have helped me

I’ve tried eating and drinking more but my appetite has been nonexistent since I had him. But I’m trying so hard :(

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