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For anyone that is on baby number 2 or more, will you use same dummies, teats and cot mattress as your other children if age gap is fairly close?
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I'll try the same pacies cause my 9 month old never took to em but bottles no I'll get new ones. My second is in the crib my first used but he will only be like 13 months when baby is born so doubtful he will be out of the crib lol.

Everything except dummies 👍

Mine will be 28 months apart - I won’t be re-using dummies, bottles or next to me crib/cot mattress. We were told to replace bottles every 6 months with my first and maybe an old wives tale but I was told not to use same mattress either. The lullabytrust website says it generally recommends a new one for each baby, but realises it may not be possible

There will be 16 months between my babies. I'm reusing absolutely everything except Dummies. X

My boy and baby 2 will be about 27 months difference and we are reusing everything.

I’m using new bottles and dummies only because my daughter didn’t take dummies and I got rid of my bottles I’m using same clothes again same cot mattress nearly everything I will be reusing

Will be a 21 month gap between my two girls and have bought new bottles as we use formula and there are some scratches from the bottle brush i dont really like in the old ones. But will be reusing everything else, even with dummys as the silicone is absolutely fine. Also another winter girly which is an added bonus so litetrally going into the same wardrobe as my Daughter from last year too 😊 Mattresses too as none of them were used for very long and always had protectors on them.

The age gap is about 3 years

I passed on all our bottles but ill be using all the same bedding, mattresses, blankets etc just need a wash and theyll be like new

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