Is anyone else ridiculously itchy? 🥹 past 4-5 days I just constantly feel itchy all over and nothing seems to ease it. I’m at my wits end! 🤯
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same here, I’ve found some red circles on my body now. I believe I have fungal infection. Need to see a GP as pharmacy don’t want to prescribe me anything without the doctor’s prescription. I can’t get appointment and it drives me mad since this weekend.

Yes I'm itching like mad on my belly not sure if that because my bellys growing x

I'm sure it says to call triage if you're itchy 🤔

Omg yes me!!! My hands and feet in particular

Something to do with a liver condition you can get when pregnant

Cholestasis but it doesn’t present till after 28 weeks!

No harm in calling to double check just to make sure x

Yes I am very itchy

@Claire I’m sure on my pregnancy passport thing it says to ring midwife/pregnancy unit asap if you have itchy hands and feet! X

Ah yeah by all means give them a call reassurance is always good and they can do bloods to check your liver function x

At my 16 week appointment, I pushed for a blood test due to itching. Midwife said it was probably too early for Cholestasis, but I have been researching and early onset is possible! Bloods seems to have come back okay, but I would rather be safe than sorry

I had this with my first pregnancy! Deffo call your midwife! If you have a porridge oats bath that can help sooth the itching (slightly) but I had it horrifically with my first! X

@Jurgita I had these circles too, just like small round ones, went to the pharmacist who didn’t have a clue but they’ve seems to have cleared up on their own I’ve the course of a week - very strange!

I had the same. I went to the pharmacy and they gave me “Eurax” cream and it helped x

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