Tips to deal with seperation anxiety from little one

I’m going back to work part time and I’m so nervous to leave my little one. She will be with my mom. I’m feeling many emotions leaving her. Would love to hear anything that might have helped you
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The first day back to work was very emotional for me. I think I cried the whole ride to work. And when people asked about him, I would almost tear up. 😢 so no, I don't have any tips, just that the tears stop the next day or so. But I do miss him all the time and keep watching the baby monitor to see what he is doing

We just did our first overnight away from our little one and it was so hard but it helped to remind myself that it was so much harder on me than him. Also my husbands mom sent us videos on Marco Polo almost constantly and that was soooo helpful to see him doing well!

I’ve heard babies can get separation anxiety between 6 and 18 months. So it would be best to leave them by a familiar face. I’ve also heard that around that time, you shouldn’t sneak out on them. Although heartbreaking, it would be better for them to see you leave and cry than to find you gone, psychologically.

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