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Am I making a rod for my back? Baby EBF almost 6 months and last month or so feeds to sleep and feeds to settle for any night wakes, prior to this she rocked/sang to sleep. She can be put down and sleeps in her crib really well mostly. She also contact naps (post rocked/sang) or carrier naps. She can car nap but it’s not her favourite and occassionally pram naps. I’m hoping to work on getting her to independently sleep. She has slept through the night (7/8 hours no wakes) apart from a few patches of leaps. Is it bad if I keep feeding her to sleep or contact napping if I still can’t easily get her to independent or for at least some of the times?
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Thanks Kristine 💜

We do the same. She’ll learn when she’s ready. You’re nurturing her needs so doing the best thing for her.

Just seems sometimes that people having perfect schedules with 1-2 hour cot naps and time to organise the house etc and baby just falls off to sleep themselves after put down plus criticism for others that she wants to be held/carried. I do like our closeness though so like you say it’s special and will miss it for sure

We feed to sleep, contact nap and since the regression hit, co-sleeping too 😬

Thanks so much both! So easy to feel external pressures from others that it’s not the right thing but babies happiness is priority too

I’m doing the exact same thing. We’ll miss this stage so enjoy it even though it might be hard now. We’re their safe place and there’s nothing more special than that.

If you continue doing that, you’re doing the most natural thing in the world. Don’t worry, your baby will develop and learn how to sleep independently when the time will be right.

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